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The team at Strategic Visions in Healthcare has worked with many top healthcare organizations over the years—providing expert guidance and dedicated healthcare management support to help them achieve their individual goals. As every company and situation is unique, so is each experience and outcome. At Strategic Visions in Healthcare, we use a variety of tools and techniques customized for each client to provide the very best results. And we continue to advance our skills and develop new strategies for success with each new organization we advise.

Take a look through the featured case studies below to learn more about our process and vast expertise. Then contact us to talk about how we can assist you in overcoming your next healthcare challenge with our business and healthcare consulting or custom speaking engagements.

Large Scale Projects Across Organizations

National Cancer Institute Community Cancer Centers Program (NCCCP)
With 85% of cancer patients cared for in community hospitals and often receiving less than optimal care, the NCI wanted to develop a new approach to improve the quality of care and expand research opportunities to patients in the community setting. At the same time, the sequencing of the Human Genome in 2005 presented new opportunities for connecting to the population in order to conduct research leading to treatments targeted to individual patients or personalized medicine.

We were engaged to support this effort in 2005. The project has involved several phases. In the Project design phase, we supported a national fact finding effort to complete a current state assessment and worked across NCI divisions to conduct a needs analysis in order to develop an initial vision, business plan and RFP for a new pilot program. In the Project Launch phase we developed recommendations on project governance, management, and staffing of the initiative as a public-private partnership and supported the development of an external program evaluation RFP. In the Project Operations Phase, we provided ongoing project coordination for this cross-divisional initiative with 16 pilot sites across the country. The project involved program components for quality of care, information technology, healthcare disparities, clinical trials, biospecimens, and survivorship and palliative care. In the Project Assessment and Expansion Phase, we supported data collection and review to monitor progress and led a planning effort for a program expansion to 30 locations in 22 states serving a population of 53,000 new cancer cases.

Site reported program results are noted in a monograph published by Oncology Issues in 2012 and the results of an independent evaluation are posted to the NCI website. They include: improvements in evidence-based care especially for underserved populations, increased accrual to clinical trials, expansion of oncology specific EHRs, increased research participation and high quality biospecimen collection for molecular research such as The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) project. Ms. O’Brien received the National Institutes of Health Director’s Award for her work on the team that developed the NCI Community Cancer Centers Program (NCCCP).

Supporting Primary Care Development and Healthcare System Redesign After Hurricane Katrina
With the devastation to the healthcare system in New Orleans after Katrina, Ascension Health wanted to support the healthcare redesign efforts building on its presence in Primary Care through the Daughters of Charity Services of New Orleans (DCSNO) and 175 years of service in the city. We were engaged by Ascension Health in 2006 to support DCSNO as it was rebuilding its locations and to work with the external community at the federal, state, and local level, in a planning and advocacy role, to recommend strategies for developing priorities and funding to bring healthcare services back on line. We helped to launch 504HealthNet, a local primary care coalition to promote primary care expansion. These efforts contributed to the development of the Primary Care Access and Stabilization Grant (PCASG) which provided enhanced funding for three years for primary care and thus expanded community-based locations for these services. As a second phase, we supported advocacy efforts for a Medicaid expansion to continue this approach which led to a CMS waiver for the Greater New Orleans Community Health Connection (GNOCHC) program. In a third phase from 2010 to 2012, we supported DCSNO for the planning and negotiations of a public-private partnership with the City of New Orleans and the New Orleans East Health Services District to rebuild a healthcare campus including a state of the art primary care health center in New Orleans East with construction planning launched in 2012.

Health System Planning for Electronic Health Record Expansion (EHRs)
With the passage of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act of 2009 which would provide funding opportunities for implementation of EHRs which met the requirements for “Meaningful Use,” Ascension Health formed a system-wide work group to position the organization for IT expansion which would consider these federal and state level funding opportunities. We were engaged to provide Project Coordination for this initiative. This effort involved education and analysis of funding opportunities, system-wide education programs, grant opportunity review and support, and the development and implementation of a gap analysis and readiness assessment and the development of cost projections for the 79 hospitals with four different IT platforms in order to inform recommendations for capital spending.

Strategic Planning

Home Care/Hospice Strategic Planning
A homecare/hospice agency in Massachusetts wanted to review the changing healthcare landscape at the state and federal level and develop strategic priorities for success in the market. We were engaged to conduct an environmental scan and a SWOT analysis, and create scenarios for consideration by the Board and management which included expansion into new areas which would position the organization for partnering with Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) that were emerging in the market. We facilitated a Board/Management retreat which laid out the priority initiatives and the new competencies needed for the organization to achieve its vision.

Regional Health System Strategic Planning
A regional health system wanted to better position itself in the market to be prepared for alignment opportunities with specific attention to the effectiveness of its regional affiliate and physician alignment strategies. We were engaged to conduct an assessment of the market and to develop strategic priorities for the organization. We worked with a multi-stakeholder workgroup including key physicians, board members, community leaders, and management. The plan was accepted by the Board and the organization was better positioned to assess and conclude a strategic alignment opportunity one year later.

Alignment and Partnering

Health System Formation
The Diocese of Rockville Centre sponsored 4 hospitals, two nursing homes and homecare and hospice agencies all operating independently. With changes in the market and pressures for alignment, they wanted to bring these organizations into a health system to strengthen its Catholic ministry and presence, and to benefit from economies of scale. Ms. O’Brien was hired as an Executive by the Diocese to lead the system formation process and ultimately serve as the Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer for the Catholic Health System of Long Island. The work involved corporate restructuring, the development of a system model and new management structure, and leading a process with all of the member institution boards and executive leadership for a strategic vision and plan for the new health system. She continued to lead system integration efforts which resulted in consolidation of finance, information technology, human resources, supply chain, quality of care, managed care, home care and hospice, and construction, facilities and real estate as well as joint ventures and acquisitions. The health system has been well positioned to expand in the market with a market share that went from 17% to over 25%.

Development of a Clinically Integrated Hospital Network
A group of 11 hospitals in one region were looking for an innovative approach to create a clinically integrated joint venture which would support joint managed care contracting. There was not a significant opportunity for growth through acquisition or mergers so an alternative strategy was needed. As an Executive with one of the participating health systems, Ms O’Brien worked with the other organizations to plan and implement this network venture which led to quality and efficiency improvements greater than others in the market using two sources of standardized data including a market-based database for benchmarking. The planning process involved Board members, management and clinical leaders and the implementation effort required the involvement of physicians from 11 organizations with multiple-specialties engaged to develop and support the tracking of 110 standardized indicators. This network was able to begin and has been able to sustain managed care contracting as a network as a result of this integration.

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