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Strategic Visions in Healthcare offers a full range of healthcare consulting services strategically designed around your organization’s goals and needs.

Founded under the guidance of Donna O’Brien, Strategic Visions in Healthcare is a trusted name in national healthcare management consulting with decades of experience helping all kinds of healthcare organizations align their plans and operations with their mission and strategic vision. Over the years, Strategic Visions in Healthcare has built a strong network of trusted partners, which allows the healthcare management consulting company to engage with key external resources and project-specific expertise as needed to meet every client’s needs. Top healthcare organizations nationwide continue to turn to us for our ability to approach each new challenge with professional integrity, keen insight, high-level thinking, creativity, foresight, and the hands-on personal involvement each client deserves. It is because of this reputation for professional success that we are frequently invited to share our insight and give presentations on key topics such as leadership and innovations in healthcare.

Strategic Visions in Healthcare has created a specific process to handle each individual project, which involves meeting with an organization to assess its challenges and concerns as well as its goals and initiatives. Through assessment, planning, and eventually implementation of programs, projects, objectives, partnerships, operations and more, Strategic Visions in Healthcare provides the oversight and guidance needed to achieve lasting results. We focus on connecting people and organizations with the tools to help them gain perspective—to really understand the situation and see the whole picture—and develop the relationships that are essential to their future success. Discover how our healthcare consulting services can impact you—contact us now.


  • Creating a common vision across multiple constituents and catalyzing action
    • Engaging at executive and clinical leadership level of organizations
    • Aligning business goals
  • Driving sustainable change and managing to results
    • Convening teams/stakeholders
    • Redesigning processes
    • Benchmarking data and dashboards
    • Providing education/tools and support for change management

Healthcare Management Consulting Covering Key Areas Of Planning, Organizational Operations, and Implementation

      • Governance and Leadership
        • Provide advice, facilitation and implementation assistance for:
          • strategic partnerships for boards and executive management
          • physician alignment
          • organizational restructuring
          • new ventures or product lines
          • joint venture development
          • board and management planning retreats
      • Strategy Development and Business Planning
        • Assist organizations with strategic plan development, plan updates, and implementation support
        • Execute planning and capacity building for new program development
        • Conduct community health assessments to drive planning
        • Develop business plans and implementation support for clinical and research programs
        • Advise and assist with joint venture development
      • Healthcare Operations
        • Support operations improvement initiatives including plan development, education, and implementation
        • Provide leadership support for transformational change
        • Drive organizational change for more patient-centered care
        • Offer project management for new initiatives
        • Develop strategies for success with healthcare reform
        • Educate and prepare organizations for the changing science supporting personalized medicine

Let Our Healthcare Management Consultants Guide You Through Today’s Uncertainties Toward Tomorrow’s Victories

Today’s healthcare organizations face numerous challenges and are often unsure of how to navigate the right path to move forward. The healthcare management consulting experts at Strategic Visions in Healthcare can help. This includes exploring new partnerships as markets are changing, focusing on new areas and innovative projects or programs, determining which new competencies to develop and which areas to grow, assessing which areas to consider pulling back on, improving physician alignment to work together moving forward, and more.

The ever-changing, global healthcare environment—including healthcare reform, evolving reimbursement laws and accountable care organizations, advances in science with a shift to more personalized medicine, and the growing trend of mergers and acquisitions—is a lot for any healthcare organization to deal with. This all leads to vast uncertainty, doubt, and an onslaught of questions. Strategic Visions in Healthcare is the answer. Contact us now to see how we can help you navigate through these changes with our professional healthcare consulting services.